Sago Mini Box Recommendation

All Set Up For Her Early Morning Farmers Market.

We are a little obsessed with kid products and kid subscription boxes at The Chandler House. This isn’t a paid sponsorship I just love sharing what new products we try so if you don’t have kids or this isn’t the kind of posts you like, keep scrolling. But if you do like trying out new kid centered products or are on the hunt for something to help you get through this long (sponsored by COVID) summer then you are in the right place. By Day I am a Full time Nanny & Mom so kids are my 24/7 motivation. My mother became ill this past year so I needed a lot of distractions for Jaz while I helped manage my mother’s health and then COVID hit and I needed even more distractions while we were stuck in the house. Many days I’m juggling 3 kids so we needed new and creative activities and I haven’t had time time or the bandwidth this year to create those activities like I usually would so we decided now was a good time to try the Sago Mini Box. I’m officially a FAN! It’s basically boxes of open ended play items. Each month a different theme arrives. This month it was a “Farmers Market” theme and Jaz has had a blast operating here own Farmers Market. According to their website

“Preschoolers can create all the make-and-play activities on their own (with a bit of parent help!), giving them ownership over the play & learning process. Each box is designed to build 21st-century skills like empathy, creative problem solving and emotional intelligence through play.”

This months theme was “Farmers Market”. A huge hit with Jaz!

The boxes are tailored to preschoolers (ages 3-5 years old) but full disclosure my school age nanny kids love when this kit comes every month just as much as Jaz does!

It’s absolutely something you could put together yourself BUT, the ease and convenience is worth the $ at this point in my life. I no longer have time and the ability (with COVID) to drag the kids to the store to shop for activity supplies and this makes it super easy because the box ships directly to our door! So far Jaz (and I) have absolutely loved the themes and they’ve fostered a lot of creative play! We usually take the time to set it up together which gives us some one on one time and then after I play for a bit she’s happy to continue playing independently which gives me some much needed time to either catch up on chores, emails, or just breathe for a second. If you find yourself in need of some new activities for your little ones give this subscription a shot. It’s $19/month but use our link and code FRIEND10 for $10 off your first month. If you try it out share pictures with us!

Use the link below to save $10 on your first box:

Happy Playing! ❤️

Imagination at work.
Decorations to turn your chair or in our case your three wheeler in to a horse. Jasmine’s favorite activity for sure.
Feeding her horse some carrots from her box. She even requested her own carrots at dinner last night so they could both eat carrots. Win Win!
She gets so excited every month when her new box arrives.

Don’t forget to Use Promo Code FRIEND10 and the link below to save $10 on your first box:

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