The one about the Turkey Sandwich

Walter and I had a little spat over a Turkey sandwich yesterday. We are laughing about it now but in the moment we were ready to die on our prospective hills. Let me set the scene: we were working hard around the house trying to finish some DIY projects and decorate for Christmas and we missed lunch. Walter asked if Jaz and I had eaten, I said No but I would make us all something from our Thanksgiving leftovers as soon as I finished hanging some decorations. He told me not to worry about it. I took this response to mean “I’m hungry but I don’t need you to stop what you are doing to feed me”. BUT I finished up my job quickly because Jaz was also hungry and starting to get whiny and I made us all Turkey sandwiches for lunch. I was feeling like Betty Homemaker and I called him in from outside when lunch was ready. He sat down, said Thank You and then proceeded to not eat his turkey sandwich. To which, of course, I replied “YOU AREN’T eating your sandwich??” (how Dare he I even toasted that bread!) And he let me know he did not eat Turkey sandwiches (NEWS TO ME) and that he only eats Turkey on Thanksgiving and that’s it. Which ok I get-I’m not a huge turkey fan either BUT we have all these leftovers that will go to waste AND your wife just spent time toasting this sandwich to perfection for you so JUST SHUT UP AND EAT IT! My bubble was instantly burst and now I was mad. So following lunch (of just chips for Walter) we had a huge fight over the damn turkey sandwich 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Spoiler Alert it wasn’t about the sandwhich, it was about lack of communication BUT the sandwhich took the brunt of the blame. 🤣 🦃

Now look, was I right (OF COURSE) 🤣 BUT somewhere along the line I think both of us realized how ridiculous this fight was and we squashed it. Agreeing we needed to talk things through and communicate better. I made assumptions and he didn’t communicate effectively and the whole thing became an unnecessary jumble of feelings and ridiculousness.
Today we’ve made the vow to never have Turkey sandwiches for as long as we both shall live and to try to stay sane through this pandemic. Covid is testing our patience to the max. 🤣

So now, What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever fought with your spouse about?? I can’t wait to read these 🤣🤣#PandemicMarriage #TheChandlerCrew

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