Grandma Visit

So I’m sitting in the living room the other day working on a few things and I hear Jaz on the PlayStation and she’s chatting away. She narrates Everything in life so I don’t think much of it. I assume she’s talking to the characters she’s playing with on the video game. She isn’t hooked up online so she can’t talk to any other actual people but sometimes she gives the players voices and she likes to narrate what they are doing. I hear her say “I’m thankful for you too” and “I love you too” and a few other things and I’m only half paying attention to her. Then she stops me dead in my tracks when she says. “Mom, Grandma said she’s thankful for you, she misses you, and she loves you”.
Of course I immediately ask her to repeat herself. She tells me again, the exact same words. “Grandma says she’s thankful for you, she misses you, and she loves you”.
Now I’m like “oh wow did she tell you that before she went to Heaven Jaz?” And her response is
“No she told me that right now”.
So now I’m internally kind of freaking out but also want more info so I ask her a million questions.

Where is Grandma-she was right next to me but she’s back in Heaven now

What did she look like-she looked like Grandma Mom 🙄

If she was here why couldn’t I see her-because you’re an adult, I could see her because I’m a kid 😱 (This one really got me because we haven’t discussed these types of things with Jaz ever so it wasn’t a topic she would understand or have overheard somehow)

Do you see her a lot? Have you seen her before- yes, sometimes when I’m sleeping.

Then I made her repeat everything like 25 times until she was 100% OVER the conversation and just wanted to play her video game. 😂

Now look, am I completely convinced my Mom was here talking to Jaz? I don’t know. But what I do know is that something put those thoughts in Jasmine’s head, whether it was an actual visit from Mom or just God sending her some warm thoughts I choose to believe it was a hello from my Mom with just the right words for me.

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