Let’s All CHIP IN!

Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed thinking about all the world’s problems and are not sure where to start? Sometimes I want to fix all the things for all the things but then I get overwhelmed and do nothing. Well I decided this year to try to just take SMALL steps towards making our household more eco-friendly. We switched to some different cleaning products, we started recycling, and now after googling and finding this new Dog Food I’ve switched our Husky, Bronx to Chippin .

So far she’s LOVING it, which says a lot because she is a super picky dog food eater (people food she will eat all day 🤣) but dog food will sit in her bowl for days sometimes. She’s a bit of a snob.

I ordered the Silver Carp variety because it turns out Silver Carp are an overpopulated species in US waterways, and choosing silver carp as your pup’s daily food helps to restore biodiversity and protect the great lakes. I’ve been visiting the Great Lakes since I was little so that’s an issue I can get behind! It’s also sourced locally in the US so yay for jobs and the environment!

Bronx was having some issues with allergies, scratching and an upset stomach when we were on some other name brand store dog foods and those issues have virtually gone away with Chippin. If you have a picky dog and/or want to do your small part to CHIP IN to help the environment this year give Chippin a try. You can order a small sample bag on their website here. https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1785563&u=2738971&m=100179&urllink=&afftrack=

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